Confession #16

As someone who was born in Australia, it’s not the accents that I find a barrier, but the lack of confidence many international students have when socialising or having to speak in English. When someone tells me straight away ‘sorry I’m not good at English’ you can feel already that THEY feel that barrier themselves, … More Confession #16

Confession #15

I read a confession about someone who was confident with their English but not with their accent. For me, it’s the totally opposite. It took me years to be confident to speak up, but I still don’t want to in class or professional settings because I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong. In first year, this … More Confession #15

Confession #14

I was used to be an international students who came to Australia in 2004. When you are in a new country like Australia, it is hard if you have no one to talk to. I got many friends from various cultures and that pushed me to speak in English. Tell us your story now!

Confession #13

I am an international student from Indonesia. Speaking english for the first time in Australia really made me nervous. It was so different speaking with my English teacher in Indonesia ( even though they are the real ‘Australian’, it was just different ). You know it when you were in orientation day, and the lecturer … More Confession #13

Confession #12

If you want to improve your English, you must first expose yourself to English media – be it a book, text, journal, movie, music, or even the Internet. You might also want to try to be a part of the local community in order to understand how they converse with each other. In all honesty, … More Confession #12

Confession #11

Well, My father was English teacher back then and I got this pressure to have a high distinction English in my school grades, and its just frustrating because I learn English with a lot of pressure. So I figure out a way to learn English in a fun way which is by watching English movies, … More Confession #11

Confession #10

Rightly international students have to have a mindset of wanting to improve their English skill first before doing an action. Prior to getting myself to the country, I have this thought of wanting to be able to improve my English – thus becoming one of the reasons why I choose Australia as a country where … More Confession #10

Confession #9

For most international students including myself, we don’t have an Australian accent and some of us don’t have the native English accent (however one interprets it) either. Everyone’s accents vary depending where they originate from. Sometimes I listen to the students with forced Australian accent and adding slangs in between sentences. However, forcing an accent … More Confession #9